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White River Junctions

White River Junctions

Follow historian Dave Norman on a journey along the railroad tracks through White River Junction, Vermont, and back through time. Explore landmarks from the town's last hundred years. Run your hands over weathered brick walls where every chip and nick holds a story like the grooves in a record.

The history of White River Junction is that of New England, and so much of America. To read about its rise in the late 1800s, the glory days of the railroad and the town's eventual quieting, is to explore the dynamics of the American Century...and to set the stage for our own lives and times.

After walking along the railroad tracks in the opening chapter, explore a hotel named for a President, the bakery that changed Vermont, and enjoy the intimate portrait of New England found on the backs of vintage postcards.

Then sit down by a wood burning stove and meet local residents whose life stories show a town—and country—in transition...and dare to ask the question, what makes a Vermonter?

Genre: Creative Nonfiction / History, Biography
Pages: 344
Cover Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-0-9831858-0-2

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